Sleuth Cafe Online Cozy Mystery Magazine Features “On the Chopping Block” + More!

The love that readers have for cozy mysteries and their authors is just amazing. Some bloggers have made it their personal mission to promote authors, review books and just spread the “cozy” love about new and existing series.

sleuth cafe

One of these sites is “Sleuth Cafe.” If you’re a cozy mystery lover, you’ll find so much to love on this site and corresponding Facebook page. I’ve been honored to be featured on the website in an author interview (click here to read it) and just recently, Babs and Amber of Sleuth Cafe were kind enough to feature me in the first issue of their online cozy mystery magazine. Click here to read the magazine. It’s free, and it’s full of your favorite cozy mystery authors — and new ones who may just become your favorite.

I am so honored and lucky to have been welcomed by many readers, bloggers and reviewers with the release of my debut cozy mystery. If you check my News & Events page, you’ll find links to interviews, reviews and events that I’ve either already been featured in, or that are upcoming in the next weeks and months. It’s been so much fun connecting with all of you in these wonderful reader-friendly forums! Thanks for the positive feedback about “On the Chopping Block: A Callie’s Kitchen Mystery” as well as the gentle prodding to finish Book 2! 🙂

I also have to thank my many writer friends who have been so supportive and helpful, giving feedback, sharing links and helping to promote my fledgling mystery writing career. Writers are such a generous group!

Vintage silverware

Reader and blogger support is so important to authors! Many times, a reader will contact me and tell me that they saw me on this or that blog, or in such and such online forum. I am grateful for each and every one of you wonderful readers and I am also grateful for the selfless bloggers and reviewers who have welcomed me with open arms.


I was a bit concerned when I decided to self-publish that the bloggers and reviewers I so admired would overlook my work. Not in the least! You have all taught me that readers, reviewers and bloggers are interested in the same concept: an enjoyable story! I’m thrilled that so many of you have been entertained by “On the Chopping Block.” Book 2 is in the works and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. (I’ll keep you posted on that one — looks like a late 2016 release date).

In the meantime, I hope you’ll keep reading and reviewing “On the Chopping Block.” Here’s the Kindle Store link. If you read it and enjoyed it, I hope you’ll consider not only reviewing it, but sharing the link with a cozy mystery-loving friend.

Plus, I am getting my first seasonal free newsletter ready to go in the coming weeks. If you’d like to be added to that list, click here. No spam, just the news you want about new releases, giveaways, a recipe or two and other fun stuff.

Thanks again. I appreciate you all! xo Jenny




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