The Joy of Connecting with Readers

reader reading e-bookOne of the best things about releasing my debut mystery novel has been connecting with readers. It’s been so great to hear the feedback (and to read the positive reviews) from readers. I also really love to hear which characters are your favorites. Besides enjoying Callie’s very human struggles, some of you are Grandma Viv fans, others love Detective Sands and quite a few of you are fans of Callie’s gruff but lovable dad, George. And of course, Koukla, Callie’s Yorkie, has her fair share of enthusiasts.

So much of a writer’s time is spent alone, writing, creating and coming up with a story line that you hope people will enjoy. If you’re writing cozy mysteries, you’re creating a world you hope people will want to spend time in (despite the murder rate!) and characters that will feel like friends.

So when you send your work out in the world and discover that people are enjoying your book and wanting to know what happens next, it’s just really awesome.

For me, it’s a thrill just to know that somewhere, out there, people are reading (and hopefully being entertained by) the plot, characters and world I’ve worked so many hours to create.

Thanks to all of you who’ve read and enjoyed On the Chopping Block! That includes bloggers, other writers, friends and “new friends” aka readers. And if you’ve taken the time to write a review, thanks for that, too.

Releasing your debut novel is an exciting time! Thanks for coming along for the ride. I’m at work on Book 2 and I can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, visit my FB author page, my Goodreads  author page and this blog to keep up to date on news, giveaways, recipes and other fun stuff!

xo Jenny

Vintage silverware

If you’re interested in reading and/or reviewing On the Chopping Block, click the link. Kindle store: 





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