Tag, I’m It!: The 7-Line Writer’s Challenge!

vintage blue typewriter for web siteOne of my writer friends, the lovely and talented Loretta Nyhan (her latest, ALL THE GOOD PARTS, is out in September) recently “tagged” me on Facebook with a challenge to share 7 lines from page 7 of from a book that I’m currently working on. I am working on a new book (2 new books, in fact) but because my debut mystery ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK releases 2 weeks from now (May 24th), I also wanted to share 7 lines from page 7 of that book.

Long story short: rather than share an overly lengthy Facebook post, I decided to write a blog post featuring both of my book excerpts.

So here goes! First off, here are 7 lines from page 7 of ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK:

      Adrenaline made her strong — she returned to the window and hurled a heavy stone from the landscaping with all of her might. The glass shattered and she ducked. Grateful that the night had cooled off and that she had brought a coat, Callie took the garment from her arm and carefully placed it over the window sill. She stepped up onto the overturned flower pot again, her bare feet gripping it for balance, and inched her way inside the window, placing each foot on the hardwood floor cautiously. Finally, she was on solid ground.

    Callie screamed Drew’s name as she ran to the foot of the stairs. Clenching her jaw, she forced herself to look at what lay on the floor.

The next 7 lines are from my work-in-progress, SEASON OF MURDER (working title), the next book in the Callie’s Kitchen Mystery Series. It’s Christmas time in Crystal Bay and Callie finds herself embroiled in another shocking murder. This time, tragedy shakes up an elegant bridal shower for a bride-to-be with a difficult family and a rocky romantic past. I don’t have a firm release date for this book, but it should be in the late fall of 2016. Check my website for updates!


 “Thank you,” the woman addressed Kayla in a brisk tone. Her voice was deep and resonant, like a newscaster.  She was wearing a bright red jacket and matching pencil skirt that set off her athletic build. Her Christmassy outfit was set off with dangling earrings in the shape of small, sparkly snowflakes.

Abruptly, she turned to Callie. “Are you working the Dayton bridal shower? I need to speak to someone about the seating.”

            Ah: The infamous mother of the bride.

I hope that I’ve “whetted your appetite” for my culinary cozy mysteries. To pre-order ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK, click this link.

I hope you’ll also  check out Goodreads and add me to your want-to-read shelf. I’ve got some great reviews there from cozy authors Linda Reilly and Susan Furlong, respectively, as well as popular cozy mystery blogger Linda Langford, creator of “Chatting about Cozies” (she’s got a Facebook page by the same name). You can see my Goodreads author page by clicking here.

Thanks in advance for the pre-orders and outpouring of support I’ve received from so many of you!



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